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Letter from Dr. Rashid Khalidi

Dear Reader,

I hope that this letter finds you and your family safe and in good health. I write to you as we near the end of a very productive year at the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS).

IPS-USA remains this country’s leading nonprofit research institute for Palestinian affairs. Since January 2021, there have been a remarkable total of 326,989 full-text article downloads from the Journal of Palestine Studies, which just published its 200th issue. In 2022, we released Nakba and Survival: The Story of Palestinians Who Remained in Haifa and the Galilee, 1948-1956 by Adel Manna, a major contribution to Nakba scholarship, co-published with the University of California Press. This month, we also co-published with O/R Books 11 Lives: Stories from Palestinian Exile, edited and translated by Muhammad Ali Khalidi, with an introduction by Perla Issa.

Our Current Issues in Depth series saw entries on Nakba denial in US media and on the persecution of Palestinian civil society, with forthcoming monographs on settler violence in the West Bank and the growing influence of Kahanism in US politics. Our blog, Palestine Square, with more than 55,000 unique readers in 2022, centered perspectives on the 1948 Tantura massacre, and police coordination between Israel and the United Kingdom. We featured voices from the Afro-Palestinian community, as well as survivors of the 1982 Israeli siege of Beirut. Additionally, we published a three-part series about the work and legacy of Shireen Abu Akleh.

Students from Georgetown and Harvard chose our blog to feature statements in support of their BDS campaigns. Meanwhile, our media roundup – Press on Palestine – has served as a reliable resource, analyzing pro-Israel bias in major news outlets. We also welcomed 12 interns from around the world, who contributed to IPS’ knowledge production, while gaining skills in digital media and outreach.

In addition to this wide range of publications on Palestine across multiple platforms, we hosted 11 events with hundreds of attendees, including webinars and conferences like Reassessing the British Mandate in Palestine. We are also excited to hold another exhibition of Palestinian and Arab works as part of the IPS Art Endowment in 2023, details of which will be announced soon.

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With my best wishes and deepest appreciation,

Dr. Rashid Khalidi

President, Institute for Palestine Studies-USA