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All of us at the Institute for Palestine Studies want to express our sincere gratitude for everything you do to make our work possible. Though we are mindful of the stark challenges in the struggle for Palestinian rights, we find great inspiration in the support of our readers and donors.

While the very tangible struggle being waged ‘on the ground’ is the most important aspect of the effort to achieve equal rights for Palestinians, so too is the struggle over memory and narrative. In the absence of an official Palestinian national archive, and when facing Israel’s myriad attempts to erase Palestinian culture and history itself, IPS is proud to serve as a conduit and central repository of historical memory, culture, and documentation.

All of us, from research fellows to support staff to publication editors, are privileged to work for IPS and humbled by the importance of the work we do. We all feel a great collective responsibility and dedication in our efforts to produce accurate information on Palestine and to educate the wider public.

Your donation helps directly in supporting production of the Journal of Palestine Studies (200,000 of whose articles are downloaded in online form every year), Jerusalem Quarterly, Palestine Square, IPS book publications, translation projects, and our new monograph series Current Issues in Depth. Also, thanks to you, we are able to distribute this information worldwide through our online presence, reaching more than 300,000 people each year in more than 120 countries.

There would be no Institute for Palestine Studies without the generous support of its donors. Everyone who contributes is an integral part of IPS and its continuing legacy. With your support, IPS-USA can continue to play a vital role as the pre-eminent independent scholarly voice on Palestine, providing reliable resources for journalists, students, academics and the public—as it has for over 50 years.

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Rashid Khalidi
President, Institute for Palestine Studies