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Palestinians and human rights advocates around the world marked Palestinian Prisoners Day on April 17, 2019, in solidarity with the thousands of Palestinian prisoners incarcerated by Israel.

Over 5,400 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons under dire humanitarian conditions. Many of these prisoners have been arrested arbitrarily or held unjustly in administrative detention without charges or trial.

In many respects, these prisoners represent the nature of the Israeli military occupation. As IPS-USA Chairman of the Board and President Rashid Khalidi notes, “the occupation regime established after 1967… can be seen as a carceral enterprise, which is designed to control, confine, and dominate the Palestinians.” The recent reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu will only entrench this regime further.

At the Institute for Palestine Studies USA, we continue to stay on top of unfolding developments to keep you and our community around the world informed.

Our latest publication, Current Issues in Depth, provides you with the necessary background and context surrounding pressing issues. In the latest installment, we explore the conflation of criticism of Zionism and Israeli policies with anti-Semitism. Previously, Current Issues In Depth provided an expert legal analysis on the U.S. decision to de-fund UNRWA and re-define the Palestine refugees.

In conjunction, we continue to publish the Journal of Palestine Studies, the world’s journal of record on Palestinian affairs. The latest issue is available for free in its entirety, and our next issue will cover Black-Palestinian transnational solidarities.

Accompanying these publications is our global online presence. In 2018 alone, our websites and blog drew nearly half a million readers from around the world who wish to learn about Palestine through reliable information.

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