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As IPS-USA Chairman of the Board and President Rashid Khalidi explains in his message below, many new challenges to Palestinian rights and identity have emerged. Despite these brazen attempts to erase the Palestinian experience, IPS-USA remains committed to inform you with facts and incisive analysis through its various publications; the Journal of Palestine Studies, Jerusalem Quarterly, our blog Palestine Square, and social media platforms, as well as through public events and the insight of our researchers and Senior Fellows.

IPS-USA is determined to not only continue our efforts, but also to expand our work in order to reach a broader audience by introducing new programs and publications such as "Current Issues in Focus," a new series of multidisciplinary briefs offering an in-depth look at current developments in Palestine and Israel.

IPS-USA needs your support to assist in the continuing production of in-depth analysis, accurate information and peer-reviewed research; to digitize and make more accessible the knowledge we are producing and have produced in the past; and, to organize public events designed to inform as well as challenge the dominant narrative on issues in Palestine.

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