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A Message from Noura Erakat:

At an event organized by the Institute for Palestine Studies USA, in partnership with the Georgetown University MENA Forum, I encouraged students to seek out resources that challenge unreliable and imbalanced information about Palestine.

The resources IPS-USA offers, including the Journal of Palestine Studies (JPS), are especially indispensable for my work. As a member of the Journal’s editorial committee, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of making accurate information and critical knowledge on Palestine and Palestinians readily available.

As both an educator and a human rights advocate, I’m also conscious of the importance of recognizing the myriad ways in which the question of Palestine is a social justice issue and is entwined with social justice and human rights issues around the world.

With more people drawing parallels between the Palestinian struggle for freedom and other global struggles, it is important to address knowledge gaps with timely and meaningful scholarly inquiries.

I’m particularly excited about our upcoming Summer Issue (JPS 192), where I had the opportunity to collaborate with Marc Lamont Hill to curate works by a number of leading experts on Black Palestinian Transnational Solidarities. The issue will feature work by Maha Nassar, Robin D.G. Kelley, Robyn Spencer, and Russell Rickford among others. This issue promises to be an exciting and important one, as it begins to fill in gaps in knowledge on historic and intellectual legacies of Black Palestinian Transnational Solidarities and charting ways forward based on its renewed articulations today.

None of this work would be possible without the dedicated resources at IPS-USA. I ask you to join me in contributing to the Institute’s Everyday Giving Campaign to ensure that our work continues and reaches our readers around the world.

Noura Erakat
GMU, Assistant Professor
Editorial Committee Member, JPS
Institute for Palestine Studies USA