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Letter from Dr. Rashid Khalidi


The past two months have been the most difficult in recent years for Palestinians, especially those living in Gaza. Since October 7th, thousands of our people have been massacred by ferocious air and artillery bombardments and a ground invasion by Israeli occupation forces. Over 1.7 million Palestinians have been forced to flee northern Gaza, comprising yet another chapter in the ongoing Nakba that began in 1948. Hospitals and schools have been attacked, food, water, electricity, and fuel have been cut off from the people, and the situation is dire.

The Institute for Palestine Studies has been working diligently to document and meaningfully analyze these events, gathering information, statistics, and analysis from the ground. We have been connected to the journalists and doctors in Gaza from the start and have helped inform the U.S. population of their stories with newly issued policy papers, our detailed Chronology of events, 'Letters from Gaza,' blog posts, live reporting, and regular updates via social media. This information has led to hundreds of requests from community members for our books and literature, and we have risen to the moment and fulfilled that demand by distributing more print literature and online content over the last two months than in the last several years combined.

As you know, since the establishment of the Institute for Palestine Studies six decades ago, and the opening of our U.S. office in 1983, our Washington, DC office has perhaps been the most important and consistent forum in the country for Palestinian affairs in the U.S.

With its extensive publications, reviews, and analysis, the Institute remains the world’s most reliable source for information on Palestinian politics, society, current events, and history. Our publications and our growing online presence serve as direct rebuttals to Israel’s false narrative that Palestine was a ‘land without a people.’ We produce a Current Issues in Depth monograph series, as well as foundational books in English. Since 1971, our flagship quarterly, the Journal of Palestine Studies, has been an indispensable source for up-to-date analysis on Palestine. It conveys to policymakers, researchers, academics, students, and activists the multifaceted struggle Palestinians wage for survival in the face of occupation, human rights violations, and the illegal, unjust assaults on our people.

Despite these achievements in the face of unprecedented adversity, IPS-USA needs your help to continue our work in the present moment. With the situation in Gaza and the West Bank escalating daily, and anti-Palestinian restrictions imposed by social media platforms to silence the dialogue on Palestine, our online reach and fundraising abilities have been severely limited.

Now more than ever, We urgently need your support in order to continue our documentation, peerless analysis, and publications. IPS-USA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and your donations are tax deductible.

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With my best wishes and deepest appreciation,

Rashid Khalidi
President, IPS-USA