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IPS YEAR IN REVIEW 2017Your gift supports our timely research and publications that inform the public, preserve Palestinian history, and promote groundbreaking scholarship.

When you make a donation to the Institute for Palestine Studies USA, you help us continue a long tradition of peerless scholarly work on Palestine and to further our reach.

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  • Publish the Journal of Palestine Studies;
  • Promote the Jerusalem Quarterly, focusing on Jerusalem's history, political status, and future;
  • Support Palestine Square, the blog of the Institute featuring articles and analysis by renowned scholars and advocates;
  • Promote our books including the latest title In the Land of My Birth: A Palestinian Boyhood;
  • Develop our digital production including infographics, video, and our forthcoming IPS podcast;
  • Hold seminars and roundtables on important developments.

"For over fifty years, the Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS) has provided fact-based scholarly materials to researchers, policy experts, journalists, and those working on Palestine advocacy. IPS USA carries on this proud tradition through its flagship publication, the Journal of Palestine Studies, the primary reference on the question of Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as Palestine Square, its online forum. In addition, IPS USA publishes books, monographs, and other informational aids, and holds public events in Washington DC addressing topical issues.

In all of these forms, IPS USA provides an antidote to the fake news about Palestine that is so widely purveyed in the mainstream media and across the U.S. political arena. The work of IPS USA is critical in this era of escalating challenges to Palestinian rights."

Rashid I. Khalidi
Editor, Journal of Palestine Studies

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