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Keeping You Informed

Dear friend,

All of us at the Institute for Palestine Studies-USA hope that this message finds you in good health and high spirits in spite of the daunting multiple challenges this past year has brought.

We wish to express our deep gratitude for everything you do that makes our work possible, from generous donations, to book purchases and journal subscriptions. It is only thanks to your support that we are able to make Palestinian voices and those of their advocates and allies heard.

Today, we are again asking for your help. IPS-USA faces its most severe funding crisis ever. The global pandemic and the economic downturn have affected both the donations that sustain our knowledge production, but also the integrity of Palestinian institutions in the U.S.

The Palestinian people faced new obstacles to their cause in the past year: Israel annexing parts of the West Bank, increased settlement construction, airstrikes on Gaza, settler attacks against Palestinian farmers, normalization of relations between Israel and several Arab countries, and renewed efforts to silence Palestinians by conflating anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism. All these events have been damaging for advocates of Palestinian rights on the international stage and in the mainstream media. The work that IPS-USA does to highlight Palestinian affairs and give voice to Palestinian concerns is more needed than ever.

The production of the Journal of Palestine Studies and the Jerusalem Quarterly carries on uninterrupted, as do our book publications and monograph series, Current Issues in Depth. Informing the public on Palestinian history, culture, and contemporary affairs remains a priority through digital projects like the Palestinian Timeline and Chronology of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, as well as the IPS-USA blog, Palestine Square. We are especially proud of the webinars we hosted over the last year and the tremendous response they received.

IPS-USA is not just a resource for experts on Palestinian and Israeli affairs; it provides a platform for individuals from different communities, backgrounds and intersectional struggles, like the Black Lives Matter movement, to gain and share knowledge. This is particularly visible through IPS’s growing online presence and in articles published in our Journal.

Our work and continues unabated despite the pandemic and the efforts to silence the dialogue on Palestine, but we very much need your support. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.

With my best wishes and deepest appreciation,

Rashid Khalidi
President, Institute for Palestine Studies-USA